Rescue teams examine the wreckage of the Ukrainian airliner that was shot down shortly after takeoff in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Jan. 8
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UK, Canada, Sweden, and Ukraine file lawsuit against Iran over downed jet

The United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, and Ukraine have jointly taken legal action against Iran at the International Court of Justice, seeking accountability for the 2020 Ukrainian passenger jet tragedy and compensation for the families of the 176...
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Scandinavian countries form unique alliance: 250 fighter jets

Four European countries, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, have agreed to unite and coordinate the use of their Air Forces, creating a joint air fleet of 250 advanced aircraft
Archer artillery system
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Sweden Approves $630 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine, Including Archer Artillery Systems and Tanks

On Friday, March 23, the Swedish Parliament supported the government's initiative to provide Ukraine with a new package of military aid, estimated at $630 million. According to RBK-Ukraine, this package includes tanks, a robotic system 97, and self-...