Melting snow threatens floods in New Brunswick: officials issue alert

Eva Homicio


Flood / Sami Aksu ©

River Watch officials in New Brunswick are monitoring flood levels as snow melts in the northwest region of the province. 

While the ice cover broke up without creating an ice jam, water levels in the lower Saint John River are rising and expected to surpass flood stage by Wednesday. 

Residents in low-lying areas, including Fredericton, Jemseg, and Gagetown, are advised to remain on alert as water levels may rise above flood stage. 

A spokesman for the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization explains that although it has been a slow spring with little rainfall, there is still a significant amount of snow in the woods that could cause water levels to rise as it melts. 

While the snowpack this year was average, the speed of its melting will determine the severity of the flooding, highlighting the importance of preparedness for residents in at-risk areas.

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