President of Turkey announced a large-scale construction of housing for citizens affected by the earthquake

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Turkey to Build Hundreds of Thousands of New Homes for Earthquake Victims

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced plans to build over 300,000 homes for those affected by recent earthquakes in the country.

According to Anadolu, Erdogan stated that the country aims to complete the construction of 244,000 homes and 75,000 rural houses within a year.

The earthquakes, which were felt over a large area, caused the most damage and human casualties in the Hatay region, Erdogan noted. He also added that the fact that these earthquakes, which are called "the disaster of the century," occurred during severe winter conditions further exacerbated the negative consequences.

It should be noted that Turkey was hit by powerful earthquakes on the morning of February 6, and the death toll has already reached 47,000. The damage caused by the earthquakes is estimated at $80 billion, and many homes were destroyed as a result of the seismic activity.

President Erdogan's announcement highlights Turkey's commitment to rebuilding and supporting those affected by the earthquakes. The government's plans to construct such a large number of homes demonstrate their dedication to providing adequate housing for those who lost their homes and loved ones. The initiative is set to be a significant step towards the recovery of the affected regions and the rebuilding of their communities.

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