Crypto funds fix record outflow of $255 million in one week

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Crypto Funds fix Record Outflow of $255 Million in One Week. From March 4th to March 10th, the outflow of funds from cryptocurrency investment products hit an all-time high of $255 million, up from $17 million the previous week.

According to CoinShares, this negative trend has been going on for five consecutive weeks now. The $255 million figure represents 1% of the total assets under management, and brings the indicator back to year-start levels. The last time such a significant relative decline in managed assets occurred was in May 2010, and since then, the amount of assets has grown by 861%.

Investors withdrew $244 million from traditional bitcoin funds, up from $20.1 million the week before. Outflow from structures that allow short positions in the first cryptocurrency amounted to $1.2 million, down from a $1.8 million inflow in the previous reporting period.

Altcoins saw mixed dynamics. Investors withdrew $11 million and $0.3 million from products based on Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tron, respectively. Funds based on Solana attracted $0.4 million, and XRP received $0.3 million.

On March 13th, the announcement from the US Treasury and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation caused bitcoin to exceed $22,000.

Reference: Cryptocurrency funds are investment funds that invest in cryptocurrencies or combine them with investments in other assets. Their goal is to maximize profits by managing the funds of their depositors. They invest in crypto projects or initial coin offerings. 

A team of professional analysts, traders, miners, equipment specialists immerse themselves in market research, make forecasts and make investments based on them. Investors do not need to independently study the cryptocurrency market, follow trends, make buying or selling decisions.

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