In France, clashes between protesters and police have occurred

Eva Homicio

Gendarmes in France

Gendarmes in France ©

Protests against the government's plans to increase the retirement age continue in Paris. These protests began at the beginning of 2023 and have now flared up with renewed intensity.

According to Reuters, clashes between police and protesters have occurred this time, which led to the use of tear gas.

The disorder on Friday evening, March 17, occurred after French President Emmanuel Macron approved pension reform without a parliamentary vote.

Some protesters gathered at the Place de la Concorde near the National Assembly building, chanting slogans against Macron and demanding his resignation. Police used tear gas against the demonstrators. According to preliminary data, there are casualties on both sides.

These protests represent the most serious challenge to the French president since the "yellow vest" protests in December 2018. Surveys show that more than 80% of French people are dissatisfied with the government's decision to skip the parliamentary vote on pension reform, and 65% support the continuation of strikes and protests.

Recently, France has experienced a wave of strikes by civil servants, transport workers, oil workers, teachers, and port employees. These actions have caused a buildup of garbage on the streets of the French capital.

To remind, the French are protesting against a pension reform project that provides for raising the retirement age to 64.

The broad alliance of major unions in France has announced the continuation of protests. They are planned for this weekend, and a new national strike day is scheduled for next Thursday, March 23rd.

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