Scandinavian countries form unique alliance: 250 fighter jets

Oleksandr Bud

Two Norwegian F-16 fighters

Two Norwegian F-16 fighters © Royal Norwegian Air Force

Four European countries, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, have agreed to unite and coordinate the use of their Air Forces, creating a joint air fleet of 250 advanced aircraft.

As reported by Aftenposten, the agreement was signed by the Air Force commanders of all four countries and provides for cooperation in the areas of training, logistics, and military operations planning.

The combined air fleet of these countries will be on par with the powerful Air Forces of France and the United Kingdom. Experts believe that such a large-scale alliance will significantly strengthen the deterrent effect on Russia in the Scandinavian region.

Among the military aircraft in the joint Air Forces are: 55 Finnish F-18s, more than 70 Swedish Gripens, 27 Norwegian F-35s, and 33 Danish F-16s. In addition, participating countries possess numerous transport, reconnaissance, and training aircraft, as well as various helicopters.

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