Scientists have discovered a giant ocean located deep within the Earth

Eva Homicio


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It is possible that water on Earth did not come from space, but rather from the planet's internal reservoirs. 

Acording to IFLScience, this was proven by a group of American scientists who used 2000 seismometers to explore the depths of the Earth. 

They studied over 500 earthquakes and analyzed the waves that emanate from solid rocks. The researchers concluded that at a depth of approximately 700 km in the so-called "transition zone," there is a mineral called ringwoodite, which is formed only under extreme pressure.

The peculiar feature of this mineral is that it contains water in its molecular structure. Ringwoodite is similar to a sponge that absorbs H2O and can contain up to 1.5% liquid. 

Even if water accounts for only 1% of the mineral, it is still three times more than the volume of all the oceans on Earth today. 

According to this study, water on Earth may have originated from the planet's interior, rather than coming from space as previously believed. 

Scientists claim that the giant reservoir of H2O gave rise to the oceans and is the progenitor of all modern and past seas and oceans.

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