A submerged car in Nova Scotia, July 21, 2023
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Nova Scotia tragedy: four missing amidst torrential floods

In the wake of severe flooding in Nova Scotia, four individuals, including two children, are reported missing after their vehicles were submerged. The search continues as the province grapples with the aftermath of the storm
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Urgent evacuation ordered amidst torrential rainfall in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia faces severe flooding due to heavy rainfall, leading to an urgent evacuation order for residents near the St. Croix River system
Hail in Canada
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Severe thunderstorms unleash havoc in southwestern Ontario

A series of severe thunderstorms in southwestern Ontario led to tornado warnings, power outages, and extensive damage due to high winds and hail
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Quebec on high alert as torrential rains threaten flash floods, prompting evacuations

Heavy rainfall in Quebec triggers preventive evacuations amid fears of flash floods. Areas under rainfall warning, with 80-120mm of rain expected by Tuesday's end
Outdoor thermometer
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Heat warning issued for Kamloops and surrounding areas in B.C. Interior

Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for Kamloops, 100 Mile House, Cariboo, and Nicola in the B.C. Interior. With temperatures expected to reach the mid to high-30s, residents are seeking ways to beat the summer heat while keeping an eye on...
Reflective sunglasses
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Heat warnings issued for Toronto and Hamilton as hot and humid weather sweeps in

Environment Canada alerts residents of Toronto and Hamilton about the arrival of high temperatures and humid conditions, prompting heat warnings. The warnings highlight the risk of heat-related illnesses and advise staying hydrated and seeking cool...
Police Quebec logo
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Two missing after devastating landslide in Quebec

Two people are unaccounted for following a tragic landslide in Rivière-Éternité, Quebec. The incident occurred after a river surge triggered the collapse of a road, sweeping away three people who were clearing debris after a thunderstorm. Despite...
Man eating ice cream in Calgary, Canada
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Heatwave alert: Alberta and B.C. brace for record-breaking temperatures

Unprecedented heatwave hits Alberta and B.C., with temperatures expected to soar 15 degrees above normal, potentially causing increased snow melt and flooding.
Hail in Canada
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Manitoba faces extreme weather: tornado alerts and hailstorms

Southern Manitoba experiences severe weather conditions, including tornado warnings and hailstorms. Environment Canada urges residents to take precautions amidst the ongoing thunderstorm alerts.
Satellite derived smoke plume
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Wildfire smoke's far-reaching effects: from Western Canada to Ontario and to Quebec

Millions of Canadians are expected to feel the impacts of smoke from wildfires in Western Canada as it travels thousands of kilometers in the coming days.